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c ® e at (e) i've (in)n (d) at (h) e/i g ht

h (a)d e/b t 0/0 t/h c 0/n s (p) i/r e (i) t ~

(h) ass (m) a ke (n) d (s) 0 w/h e'ye (a) t

c ® e at (e) i've (in)n (d) at e g/g


aug 10 2018

ebay auction :

c ® e at (e) i've (in)n (d) at (h) e/i g ht ~ (h) ass (L) e a.d. ~ (j) 0 b (e at) rig ht ~ (h) ass h (ea.ven)d sig h t ass (m) e'ye (a) t

e g/g (u) e s/s tu re AD ~ e/b t 0/0 L (e) ass (k) t ~ 0/0 t/h c (h) 0/m (p) ass (k) t ~ (h) e ad e/b t 0/0 t/h c 0/m e (a) t a (gain) d ~ e/b t (b) ass (k) t ~ (h) f (r) a (i') m e (n) d ~ e/b t ass p (L) a'ye i.d. ~ (h) 0'L (D) e (ye) g/g e (n) d ~ e/b tu (p) b (p) ass (k) t ~ (h) e'ye a (s/s k) t


called ebay, now they want me to have a $15,000 mini mum :(

i told the person at ebay i was too tired to make a decision in her be- (d-) h- (all-) f- t-

i was directed to go else where to auction, and i asked where and she sugguested amazon, i'm like, you know, does amazon do art, one nup t , origin nail.

she suggested other places, again when i asked where, she didn't really know. i find that very curious in a non compelling way, t- (h-) at- (h-) e/n- (d-) e/e-d-s- tu-b- com-p- (ass-) e- L/L- (D-) in- e- g/g-


h- (a-L/L-) f- (t-) ass- (k-) t- (i/s-) 0- w/- h-0-L- (e-) D- e/b- t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- u- b- Lack- t- u- p- (m-) ass- (k-) t-


i used my eraser as skillful as my sig h t

0 get i/t (b) rig ht


(h) e/n (d e/b) t (w/) in (e) d e/b t a (gain) d ~ e/b t ass (h) a ve i.d. (h) 0'L (D) e (ye) g/g ~ e (n) d e/b t (a) b.c. (e at) am e (n) d e/b t ass (k) t (b) 0/n (d) e/e d n) a me (i) d


discharged e/b t , should be able (a) t 0're charged e/b t ~

ass (m) e (n) t (h)(d) u b/b u e'ye (i) t ~ (b) ass (k) t (b) 0/n (e/e) d (h) 0/m e (n) d ~ e/b t ass (h) 0/n e (ye) d (h) e'ye (a) t

debt as~sound e/b t ass (ta) fxfound

debt ass (b) 0 (un) d e'ye (a) t (h) ad e/b t ass (ta) fxf (b) 0 un d e/b t 0/0 t/h (in) d ~ e/b t (h) ass p.r. e vi e w/e r (h) e ad e/b t 0/0 t (h/b) re ad

debt as~sound e/b t ass (ta) fxfound e/b t ass (n) a ke (n)d (s) 0 (w/)n e (e)d e/b t ass (k) t (h)(c) an d 0/u (be) t a (gain) d e/b tu b re a (s/s) t (h) e ad 0ff 0'r (a) me aLL (h) e (ye) i.d.


what is missing is the profound

p.r. 0(0)f (b) 0 un d

t 0/m (b) e am 0/n (e ye)g/g 0/d e/b t u (p) b (p) e aLL (h)(D) i've i.d.

what is missing is the profound

p.r. 0(0)f (b) 0 un d

t 0/m (b) e am 0/n (e ye) g/g 0/d e/b t u (p) b (p) e aLL (h)(D) i've i.d. (h) e'ye (a) t ~ 0/0 t/h e miss (p) en t (u/b u) e'ye (a) t 0/0 t/h (f) a ve (i) t ~ 0/0 L (e) ass k (t) i/t (a) b (r) i'd (h) e'ye (a) t


the third quadrant heir (d) 0 w/a'r (h) e ad e/b (i) t (h) ass (k t/h) qua r/r (h) e (ye) ad e/b (e) t/h e're a.r (k) t (h) ear (t/h) d (s) 0 w/a'r(h) e ad e/b t (b) ass (k) t (e) a r (h) e AD (j) 0 b (L) 0/t u b e/e f (t) a (i) r e (ye) AD e/b t ass m (e) a r/r (h) e'ye i.d.

what is missing is the profound

p.r. 0(0)f (b) 0 un d

t 0/m (b) e am 0/n (e ye)g/g 0/d e/b t u (p) b (p) e aLL (h)(D) i've i.d.

so you have the tomb

the tome

thru the home

thru the t (h) 0/m (b)e (n) d e/b t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. (h) ew/e i.d. (e/b t ass) kn e w/e (L/L) i.d.

debt to peal and be aLL i've i.d. dived hived lived debt (b) ass (k) t (a) b (r) i'd e ~ b t ass (m) in (e)(e) d (0) Le (ye) i.d. (p.r.) i'm e (n) d


you can pay to pate

vimeo go fig, as an example ve (i)n d h(e) ad

you pay to pate, your way

to sell your position to another to afford you similar interest thru

pay to look, pay to pate, your choice, your w/h e'ye i.d.

as mine t 0/0 t/h e m(e) a ke (n) d

other than that , it is perfectly copacetic to work in a cycle of my own d0 m(e)a in e

ve re ye (a) t (h) in (d) g (u) e s/s t (h) e ad e/b t ass (n) am e (i) d (h) e'ye (i) t u be (a) t (b) ass (k) t (b) 0/n e (a) t

h-and- is this not -w-(h-) at- ye- w/e- a-re-d- ew/e- (in-n-) g-g- e- t- (b-)ass- (k-) t-a- g- e- s- us- k- (r-) ewe- (re-) d- s- with your own vain -ass- (c-) e/n- t- ass- (t-) e- L/L- (f-x-f-) t-

copacetic = pay 2 pate w/(h) e're you want it (u) b Lack t (b) ass (k) t (h) (d) e'ye a (s/s k) t ~ 0/0 L (e) ass (k) t 0/0 t/h e (a) s/s (t) a'ye (i.d.) at (b) e L/L (D) at (h) e/i g ht ass (m) a ke (n) d ~ (s) 0 w/h e (ye) at e ve (in)n (d) ate

now , i have my reservations about contacting gagosian, b.c. i have legions of dof-t- working- against me (ye) i.d. (0) L (e ad) 0/t , h-and- legions of dof-t- is supported bu-e- ye- w/e- L/L-(D-) 0- (f-) t- (b-) 0/0- (k-) t- h- and- e/b- t- (b-) 0- s/s- (L-) 0-t-

i have a reservation about, you know, enlisting t- he-L/L- (e-)(a-) p- t-

reservation aside, we can see, and prove then, factually, if there is love i.d., and if not, we all need t 0 fxf a ce (i) t h(r) e ad 0ff t 0/0 L (b) e (a) t/h e're (a) p (L) a ce ye (i) t

my reservation with "establish-men-t- 0ff- t- h- 0ugh-t-u-be-ad-0f-t- a-get- (b-) aLL- (D-) 0/n- (e-) g-g-g- " is i don't feel t-he-ye- c a re a (L0) t

so in asking gagosian to take part, i am not asking "one way or another" and don't care "one way or another" what he choose said- e/b-t- heir- e- d- (s-) 0- w/-(a-r-) e- d-

i am asking one way or another and i c a re (a) d kn 0 (w/e) t , you know, what he does. it is his choice, now, that the system (h) ass (k) t (u) b (r) 0ugh t ~ 0ff t/h e m (e) a r (k) t 0/0 t (h)(c) ass (k) t (h) e ad (e/b t ass) kn 0 (w/e) t ~ 0/0 t h (b) 0ugh t (ass) augh t (h)(d) 0/n e s/s (t) ig ht (b) aLL (D) 0/t

i forget to mention in the missive, i plan to be in ny in september

other notes :

you-re- d- (he-) al-la-w/-he-ye- (i-d-) s- t- ass- k- (t-) in- (e-)g- g- (L-) ad- e/b- t- 0- ye- w/e- (d-) be- am- (e-) u-s-e-i-d- (h-) e- ad- (e/b-t-) 0-f-x-f-0-r- (e-) d- e/b-t- ass- (k-) tu-b- (f-) 0-r-(e-)d-

i would ask gagosian, if he can handle this debt, himself, or put it up for auction through himself / his organization / his business (t) e L/L (h) D ~ e/b tu be (w/e) L/L (h) D e/b t ass (n) a i' L/L (h) D (h) 0've (r) t (h)(b) aLL (h) D


f i/s h e r (m) e/n d

i d ew/e (a)d kn 0 (w/e) t (c) a'r e AD

tacit time

passive time =

t (p)(f~L) 0 w/(h) e're AD


f i/s h e r (m) e/n d

i d ew/e (a)d kn 0 (w/e) t (c) a r/r e (ye) AD e/b t (b) ass k t (h/d) 0ff 0'r (t/h) D e/b t ass (0) w/(h) e (a) d e/b t 0/0 L(b) e (n) d i/t h(ea.ven)d

i d ew/e (a)d kn 0 (w/e) t (c) a r/r (h) e (ye) AD

you can say your don't care, however, check your time and your passive n (d) 0 w/a r (h) e ad . b.c. d-0-w/ar-t- didn't supply the passive tacit time t 0 w/h 0/d s qua r/r (h) e ad e/b t heir (d) 0 w/a'r (h) e ad e/b t (b) ass (k) t (a) fxf a (i) r (h) e AD


your red debt is "just" planning another iteration of a-miss- (t-) a- ke- (n-) d- a- miss- (n-) a- ke- (n-) d- e/b- t- (h-) 0-r- eeL- (H-) at- (h-) e- (ye-) i- g- ht- ass- (m-) a- ke- (n-) d- e/b-t- ass- (m-) at- (h-) e- (n-) d- e/b- t- 0/0-t- (h-) f- a- c- (e-) t- (bu-) e-ye- a- (s/s- k-) t- u-be-ad- 0f- i/t- 0/0- L- (e-) ass- (k- ) t- (he-ad-) debt- u- (p-) b- (p-) ass- (k-) t- (d-) up- (e-) t- (h-) in- (e-) d- e/b- t- (h-) r- u- s/s- t- d- (j-) 0- b- u- (s-) t/t-



i have to call you on your presupposed refinement, your designer offerings through the through f a (i) r (h) e ad, you didn't bring your head to square ad, just say inn. & you don't work with any one (ye) at heir d.

so you are building on dof-t- a-get- 0ff-t- h- 0ugh- t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- 0/n- e- c- kn- 0- (c-k-) t- and your i-d-(0-) L-e- is leasing stupid debt to get-hie-ven-d- 0f- 0-r- (k-) t- (h-) be- lie-f- t- (h-) in- (e-)(e-) d- e/b- t- ass- he- (a-) d-

again, not leading with character eve n d

you are stealing the face ad 0ff t/h e (v) aLL (h) u e w/e i.d.

sending -0-d- 0-w/-ar-t- 0/0-t-he-ad- ew/e- (re-) d- with no one in reception, for ye-we- looking like you would like t 0 w/h 0/ d e/b t (h) rue w/e (L/L) i.d. , butt ye-we- have not even schooled (h) 0/n e s/s t (e) a r e (a) t (b) 0'r t (h) ass k t (h) e x (t) s c 0 (u) r (e) t

your -e- designer "options" is bu-(i-) L/L- (e-ye-) D - (i-) s- (h-) i/t- (ch-) u- b/b- e- (a-) d- 0f- (i-x-) i/t- a- get- 0ff- (i-x-) i/t- ass- (m-) i- t/t- he-re- d- 0- (f-) t- hie-ven- d- s- (p-) en- d- (i-) s- h- im- (e-n-d-) s- (h-) am- (e-n-d-) s- t- (h-) and- e/b-t- ass- p- (L-) an- (d-) s-

"safety" from red character- e- d- (i-)s- (h-) 0-r- d- (h- )e-re- d-

your not producing 0 (d 0) value from being the value w/e i.d. e/b t ass (n) a ke (n) d e/b t 0/0 t/h e a p (a) L a ce (ye) AD e/b t ass (k) trait

(u b/b u) e'ye (a) t

your sending t- h-0-r- (e-) n- d-

h-and- (b-)(c-) aLL- (in-)e-g-g- i/t- (b-) i/t- (h-) ass- (n-) 0-r- (e-) t-

your "news" is a stupid as the red character ye-we-a-r- (k-) t- 0/0-t- (h-) ass- pur-s- (u-) e- (w/e-) i-d- (h-) e-ye- (i-) t- (b-) ass- (k-) t-a-r- e-d-

your not the muse i.d.

debt- (h-) 0-ye- w/00- d- (e/b-t-ass-) kn- ew/e- (L/L-) i-d- 0- f- e- a- (s/s-) t- debt- 0/0-t- h- c- 0/m- p- (L-) e-a- t- he- re- (d-) s- (0-) w/-he- at- u-be-ad- 0f-t- (h-) 0-re- (d-) p- (f-) e- at-


well if he doesn't handle this auction, he has no value w/e i.d. a r (k) t i/s t (h) rue w/e ve (i)n t 0/0 t/h (a) d ew/e i.d.

so what i am saying, he isn't really representing any 0/n e (ye) at (b) 0/0 (k) t (h) ass (p) e (n) t

"i/t" is just another sham and scam e- (n-) d- 0f- t- (h-) b-a/n- a- (i-) L-L- (e-) a- p/p- L- (e-) a- nd- (h-) 0-c- (h-) an- d- (h-) e-ye- (ad-) am- e- (n-) d - (e/b-t-) -f-x-f- t- hie-ven-d- s- (t-) e- am- e- vain- d-

all other artists should be well advised, they didn't think t 0ff t h (a) d ew/(e) in (d) g t (a) i'm e (n) d , so -t-heir- e- a-r- (k-) t- is illusion and a distraction -e- vain-t- hie-ven-d- - e/b-t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- 0/n- e- c- kn-0-(c-k-) t- a- get- 0ff- t- h- (b-) 0ugh- t-

(h-) ass- (m-) a- id- e/b- t- 0/0-L- (b-) e- (a) d- e/b- t-ass- t- (e-) aLL- k- t- (b-) aLL- (D-) 0- (f-) t- (u-b-) re-ad- 0(f-)- t- h- 0ugh-t- (h-) in- t- (h-) e- re- (d-) s- (t-) augh- t -(h-) 0-re- (a-) p- (a-) L-a-ce- (ye-) d- (h-) at- (h-) e-(ye-) i- g- ht- ass- (m-) a- ke- (n-) d- (s-) 0- w/-he-ye- (a-) t- ass- (n-) a- ke- (n-) d- e/b-t -a- g- i-ve- (i-) t- (L-) a- w/-(h-)e-re- d/d- (h-) e-ye- (a-) t- (h-) at- ch- i/t- c- (h-) a- s/s- (t-) e- i-d- e/b- t- u-b- Lack- t- (b-) ass- k- t- 0/0- t- (h-) b- Lack -t- (0ff-) a- c- (e-) t- (ass- p-) 0/0- L- (e-) ass- (k-) t- (h-) u- b/b- u- e-ye- a- (s/s-k-) t- (h-) in- (e-)(e-) d- dumb and faithless to speak for a value the dumb and the faithless on per-p-0-s-e- id- can't conceive i.d. n0 re (ad) ce i've i.d.

2 -s- (t-) up- id- s- is all you need for - (k-) t- he-at- (h-) e- re- d- 0- (f-) t- (h-) ass- (k-) t- (a-) b-sir-e-d- - serve- n- (d-s-) erve- i-d- e/b-t- 0/0-t- he- me- an- (d-) s- (t-) u- b/b- u- ye- (a-) t- gets a free ride for being incomplete, on ye-we- that serve -i-d- (h-) im- e- (a-) t- (b-) ass- (k-) t- 0/n- e- (ye-) at-


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